Digital Sale


At present the contact centers and telesales are tending to merge the business opportunities can arise in any instance of interaction with your clients or prospects. For this Be Aware 360® incorporates omnichannel into sales processes, so that its agents sell through all available channels, under a single automated process that guarantees the success of your business.

Unique Omnichannel Process

Be Aware 360® It will allow you to easily define your sales process and enable you to manage the process step by step manually through an agent or automate it with a bot, or in a hybrid way across all your channels and social networks.

360 vision

Be Aware 360® It will allow you to access the company's systems to validate all the aspects necessary to close a business (CRM, Logistics, Sales, Products, Collections, etc.) easily define your sales process and enable you to manage the process step by step in a Manuel way. through an agent or automate it with a bot or in a hybrid way in all your channels and social networks.


Be Aware 360® will allow you to incorporate the advanced authentication mechanisms that your process requires, including biometrics. See details of these capabilities here.


Be Aware 360® allows you to design the sales process even providing integration with your payment gateways, within the same process and through any.

Ecommerce Banking and Insurance

Be Aware 360® provides a powerful alliance to deliver the best shopping experience for banking and insurance products through its alliance with LIBELULA for the great experience developed in the Financial and Insurance industries generating effective digital platforms that together represent a unique option for Banca Seguros in the region's market.


Quotes and comparators

Flexible quote for different types of insurance and / or assistance that allows the customization of plans, coverage and / or assistance that the client wishes to add to their policy or contract.


A digital product that dematerializes the insurance policy so that it is generated and managed in the different electronic channels of the insurance company.

Link Form

It dematerializes the linking form required by the control entities, speeding up the digitization of documents through the camera of smartphones.

Banking Insurance

The changes in the environment and the demanding needs of customers for new financial services have caused the need to solve it using electronic channels, for the sale of Banking products and services. Insurance like, micro-insurance insurance and totally digital assistance.

Digital inspections

A digital tool created to support the operational management of Inspections for insurance companies that need to optimize the inspection process of their field force.


In three simple steps a client will be able to obtain its insurance or assistance completely virtual and with total security using your preferred means of payment and obtaining your duly signed and approved certificate.


Remote Product Opening (Onboarding)

It allows financial clients and non-clients to access financial products and services remotely and digitally, identifying and registering the client through biometric technology such as facial recognition or fingerprint reading and the capture of identification documents to determine who the person is. who he claims to be

Mobile banking

Personalized Mobile Banking for companies in the financial sector focused on an effective customer experience generating a massive adoption of the channels.

eStore Retail

Be Aware eStore enhances the online sales channel with the best technology and professional services.

The Be Aware eStore platform is designed to grow with your business, from the first online store to the development of your omnichannel operation with multiple businesses, or franchises in different countries.

Unlike a custom development, Be Aware 360 eStore guarantees the update, the local support and in Spanish. It has a content manager, means of payment and delivery preloaded and integrated.

Be Aware eStore It is easy to implement and follow the growth of your business without limits to the product units in the catalog or to integration with any management system through APIs.

As a result, you will automate the management, you will scale in sales and you will be able to offer omnichannel shopping experiences

In the case of the digital transformation of B2B businesses, it allows you to create sites to promote self-management of transactions with your distributors, channels or corporate customers, providing your sales team with online information on customer activities to improve their sales performance with current customers, freeing them up to search for new ones.

Tenemos todo lo que necesitas para tu negocio

Rapid implementation of the online channel

Be Aware eStore also includes:

In addition to Contact Center

Provides pre-sale, during-sale and post-sale support through multiple channels

Be Aware Social for:

Be Aware Desktop for:

Integral management

We manage and execute the entire sales circuit integrating operations, stock, billing, processing, guaranteeing the satisfaction of the end customer.

KPI's compliance

95% Quality Index

99% Consumer Satisfaction Index

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