Information Security Policy


The information being an asset that is exposed to risks and threats in a technological environment of constant change, and whose occurrence can generate a significant economic impact for In Motion and associated organizations, the implementation of an ISMS has been considered relevant to protect against information assets appropriately.

This policy is aimed at In Motion collaborators, its Suppliers, information assets of the company and its clients that are under administration or with evolutionary support applying the respective controls based on risk management and the respective information classification .


"At In Motion we are aware that Information Security is a fundamental component for meeting business objectives, being one of the pillars of the Digital Transformation Process and thus guaranteeing compliance with the principles of Reliability, Availability and Integrity."

"That is why we assume the commitment to develop, maintain and continuously improve an information security management model aligned to the needs of our clients and the current legal regulations on the protection and security of information."

The Organization chooses to implement the ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 Standard and its dissemination among its collaborators, applying the virtuous circle methodology of continuous improvement to the system.


As objectives of Information Security it is necessary to:

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