CX Productivity


Be Aware 360®, allows you to fully automate care. Customers can obtain information, send requests or make service requests through Chat more quickly and efficiently without the intervention of an agent, thus improving satisfaction levels.

Self-care with ChatBot

RPA - RocketBot

Business processes that require a lot of resources in manual tasks are the main candidates to automate Be Aware 360® integrates with one of the most flexible RPA solutions on the market RocketBot.

Incorporating RPA in the resolution of your clients' cases can reduce the execution times of your processes by 60%, reduce the use of resources by 80% and guarantee security in the response to the client.

Using Be Aware 360® and Rocketbot greatly increases accuracy, mitigating the risks of calculations or mismanagement of information, consistency in information and quality of care, now you can dedicate your resources to activities that generate greater value for your clients and company.

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