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Be Aware Social, is a SaaS Omnichannel Chat platform, integrated, controlled and efficient that improves the quality of response of companies to their customers through Human Attention and Artificial intelligence applied to ChatBots with natural language and Semantic Analytics. It comes in three models of attention, human, automated (bots and self-service) and mixed that allows combining bots with human attention.

At the same time, associated cases can be viewed on the same desktop or new ones can be created.

Manage social communications by opening self-service channels served by bots that reduce human interaction costs and allowing the executive to add value to important attentions.

All in one place

Thanks to his Omnichannel executive desk, it is possible to consolidate the 10 most influential chat channels and Social Networks on the market:


Thanks to the web tools, they allow a simple configuration of the Omnichannel attention flows, allowing to create ITR (Interactive Text Response) agnostic of the channel to be used. Creating consistent customer experiences in all company channels, obtaining continuous improvement in your levels of efficiency and customer satisfaction.


It has supervision modules, real-time and historical reporting that allows efficient management and control of the company's SLAs.


Historical Reports:
For Agents
For Administrators
For Supervisors
Historical Reports:


Be Aware 360® already provides connectors for the contact center platforms of Genesys (PureCloud) and Collab (Nubitalk).


Genesys, number 1 in the world in contactability platform, has recognized the value of Be Aware 360® incorporating it in its selection of solutions for its clients through its AppFoundry here.


Nubitalk is a scalable solution for small and large companies, which stands out for its flexibility, easy configuration and security.

Security and Identity

Biometric authentication: a customer's vision

What makes a customer happy? Directly address your problem without having to prove who you are. 

Be Aware 360® It is already integrated with the most advanced of NUANCE biometric security solutions that allows customers to authenticate simply with their voice, face or other biometric modalities, which results in an increase in customer satisfaction, because they are authenticated in a natural with the sound of your voice, with your face or even the way you interact with the device and minor losses due to fraud.

Authentication meets innovation

Be Aware 360® combines a variety of biometric technologies from Nuance to help you deliver a seamless and secure customer experience.

Identification via voice password

State-of-the-art multimodal biometrics are available to authenticate customers before they contact an agent. This authentication is done using a spoken password so your customers don't have to remember a complicated password or PIN code.

Authentication without interruption

Allows you to authenticate a user while an agent talks to their customer. Compare the voice of the phone with the recorded voice print and notify the agent in real time.

Identification with a selfie

Now your customers can choose to identify themselves with a selfie (photo taken with their mobile phone). Customers like being able to choose how to identify themselves (sometimes there is too much background noise to analyze voice), and offering another form of secure biometric authentication is more than enough to improve customer satisfaction. Additionally, by providing another biometric modality you can create layered identification, which offers additional security for high-risk transactions.

Authentication through virtual assistant

Add a level of security and fraud prevention to conversations that take place on your website, messaging applications and even via SMS. It allows your customers to authenticate automatically through a spoken password or selfie.

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