Contact Center

Maximize the quality of the customer support with Be Aware 360®.


Be Aware 360® serves customers through any of the following channels: Voice, IVR, Chat, Chatbot, Mail, SMS, Twitter Direct, Facebook/Messenger, Messages, Line and WhatsApp.

Access customer information and all their interactions 360° view

Be Aware 360® integrates with in-house applications (ERP, CRM, Operations, etc.), through a Unified Desktop for the Agent, maximizing the quality of service and impacting key contact center operational indicators such as FCR, TMO, NPS and CSAT.

Increase FCR and Reduce TMO

Be Aware 360® contains all the information of each case, allowing to identify areas of improvement and savings. Be Aware 360® facilitates the automation of services, increasing FCR.

Our Unified Desktop with 360º Vision allows to answer the client quickly, reducing conversation time.

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