Customer Service

Aumenta el NPS con y CSAT con con Be Aware 360®.

Traceability of all requests

Be Aware 360® provides traceability through all channels, and integrates contact center, back office, branches and field service.

360° view of the each customer

Be Aware 360® integrates with in-house applications (ERP, CRM, Logistics, etc.) and provides the Agent with a Unified Desktop for a 360° vision of the customer across all channels, maximizing First Call Resolution.

Reports of all cases handled

Be Aware 360® centrally records all customer interactions across all channels, branches and field teams, provides reports for analysis, including SLA compliance.

Control of customer services SLAs

At any time, agents and supervisors can check customer service SLAs compliance online and take necessary actions before breaching the SLA.

Increase NPS and CSAT

Be Aware 360® guarantees the quality of the customer’s experience. By defining the steps to follow and the length of customer service flows, Be Aware 360® triggers alarms to escalate cases if necessary.
Having a 360° view of the client and a unified desktop increases FCR and therefore NPS and CSAT.

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